About Us

Creative thinking

We are a group of creative thinkers, quick problem-solvers, dreamers, and doers. We are all a bit crazy and strange, but we like that.

Cyber5 Media

Digital marketing is at the core of everything we do. From the website development, everything is created to boost engagement, promote interactivity and generate results. Real results.We mean sales, not clicks. 

Our Loved Clients


Push the button and prepare toskyrocket your sales!

Our Team


Lenny Sr.

Chief of Technology Awesomeness

Lenny has more than 15 years of experience in web development and digital marketing. He is known as "The Magician" for his uncanny ability to solve problems before most people even realise they exist. 



Money Maestra

Katia is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in finances and management. She has a non-tech approach with amazing attention to detail, nothing get past her eyes. Believe us, we tried.


Lenny Jr.

Dream Alchemist

Lenny is a highly creative and talented young soul, who can turnany idea into brilliant media.He is very keen on photography and video, and one way or another, involved with pretty much any marketing video we produce.



Meme Libraryan

Katie is another brilliant young mind in our team who has an incredible way with words. She speaks 4 languages (and counting), can get a message across without breaking a sweat, and handles all our social comms.



Director of Storytelling

For 15 years, Tanya has been taking a position of product manager. She successfully launched several best-selling products and she is now working on new products. She is also our head of operations in North America.



Barketing Manager

Davi has 10 years of experience in taking naps and being cute. I mean look at him, how cute is him? As our barketing manager, he is always around, always supervising, and always ready to go for a walk or watch some TV.

A Full Range of Services

Smart Websites

Websites that evoke emotion, improve interaction and integrate with marketing channels.

Website Facelifts

A quick and cost effective way to transform your old site into a smart one.


Simple and efficient e-commerce solutions. Even headless e-commerce if you fancy.

Social Management

Professionally done, to harness the true value of social: a real connection with your audience.

Social Campaigns

There is more to social media than posts and likes. There is marketing, and its really powerful.

Live Chat

Connect with your customers in multiple channels, from a single dashboard. Must see.

Marketing Videos

Amazing short little videos that will skyrocket your engagement rates. Real scroll stoppers.

YouTube Bumpers

Get your message across, trigger emotions, and engage your users. All under 6 seconds. Phew!

Customer Journeys

Marketing automation taken to the next level. Create repeat buyers and loyal customers.

Pay Per Click

Google Ads campaign management the proper way. Say goodbye to clicks and hello to sales.


Streamline your sales process and optimise conversions with a fully integrated and automated CRM.